We know everyone wants to save money and improve their car’s fuel economy. The question is, is there an easy way to do that if you’re not a mechanic with tools in your garage? Yes, there’s actually more than one way!

1. Make sure you properly inflate your tires.

In your owner’s manual, or on your doorframe there's a sticker that mentions the proper pounds per square inch (PSI) of tire pressure for your vehicle. It's usually between 30 and 35 PSI. It's best to resist overinflating the tires, because that is actually dangerous and will reduce the lifespan of your tires. Also, be sure to use your snows only when conditions require them. Snow tires are designed for better traction in slippery conditions, so they create more drag on the road surface compared with all-season tires.

2. Stop Speeding

Driving around 88kph is more fuel efficient for you vehicle. Although going faster may save you a minute or two, but it also causes you to burn more gas. Even if you’re on a country back road with no one around, driving too fast can have a negative impact on your fuel economy. You could also get a speeding ticket that way! Not only could that cause a fine, you may also add points to your license and get a higher insurance rate.

3. The Roof Rack

A bike rack may be helpful if you are an avid cyclist, but you should have it attached only when you’re hauling bikes. Roof racks and cargo carriers can increase the drag, lowering your fuel economy. Racks and cargo boxes are usually held on with clamps and straps, and are easy to remove. Doing this will save you money on gas that you can use to buy even better gear!

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4. Cruise Control

Most drivers aren’t great at maintaining a constant speed. Cruise control keeps your car at a consistent speed so your engine won’t burn extra gas during unnecessary acceleration. Not only that, you'll get extra benefits from coasting when the road starts going downhill. It's best to use cruise control on highway drives.

5. Empty the Truck

Many people use their vehicle as an extra closet. The issue is the heavier the vehicle, the harder the engine needs to work, burning more gas. It's better to empty your car of any unnecessary items to keep its weight down and your fuel efficiency up. The spare tire is fine, but if you’re not going to the golf course, leave your clubs at home!

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The Bottom Line

Don’t be tricked by those quick-fix gadgets or fuel additives that promise to improve your fuel economy. Those electronic devices that plug into your 12-volt socket and promise to increase gas mileage are all show too. They don't work . There are tons of modifications you can explore with a trained technician, such as cold-air intake systems, engine computer tweaks, and ultrasonic fuel-injector baths for example, but these five tips are perfect for folks looking for simple DIY solutions.