Tips for buying high mileage used cars in London Ontario

If we go back a few decades, we know that that vast majority of used car shoppers wouldn't even consider purchasing a high mileage used vehicle as the reliability of such vehicles back then was simply too questionable to be trusted. Fast forward to today, used cars, trucks, vans or SUVs with over (sometimes even well over) 100,000kms are viewed differently as they can often lead to a great deal.

Of course, if you find yourself in the market for a high mileage used car for one reason or another, it becomes even more important to do your research and to adjust your expectations accordingly. Here are our top tips for purchasing a high mileage used vehicle.

1. Be mindful of productive mileage

A high mileage reading on a vehicle doesn't have to serve as a definitive warning sign. After all, the act of driving heats up a vehicle's engine, burns off carbon build-up and lubricates the engine. As such, it's a well known fact that not all KMs are created equally and that highway miles are much easier on a vehicle than stop-start city driving.

For this reason, keep an eye out for newer vehicles with higher mileage compared to older vehicles with lower mileage. In all likelihood, a newer vehicle with high mileage has been put through a lot of highway driving and it could very well be in better shape than and older, lower-mileage vehicle that has seen a lot of city driving over the years.

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2. Be aware of the risks

Of course, there's a good chance that you simply won't know how a high-mileage vehicle was driven in its past life. Did the previous owner have a lead foot with lots of quick acceleration and brake slamming? Or did they drive cautiously and remain mindful of the speed limit?

As we mentioned above, newer high mileage engines are often in better shape than their older low mileage counterparts. Of course, there are other car parts that break down fasted due too mileage, not age. Wear and tear on brakes, hoses and suspensions - just to name a few - will generally be accelerated on high mileage vehicles. This leads to repair bills.

Knowing the risks and using the information at your disposal to predict certain major repairs can be incredible beneficial when it comes to high mileage car shopping.

3. Avoid red flags

Risk aversion is key when it comes to shopping for a used car. Having some key knowledge can help you avoid potential pitfalls before sinking in to them.

First and foremost, vehicle history reports are absolutely key. Of course, every Finch Used Car comes with a complimentary CarFax Report. That means that you'll be made aware of any previously reported accidents that a vehicle has been in and will allow you to make your own decision on whether to stay a way from a vehicle with a serious accident in its history.

Of course, using your own eyeballs can also be critical in avoiding red flags. Be sure to check an older, high mileage vehicle thorough for rust before making a costly mistake.

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4. Check the vehicle's Maintenance Schedule

It's important to understand that a high mileage used vehicle may have an almost immediate need for some major maintenance. Some of these maintenance services can be expensive but are also critical in allowing a vehicle to lead a long, high mileage life. Before purchasing a high mileage used car, be sure to check the Maintenance Schedule for that vehicle to see if its is due for a major service. This will allow you to get a quote from a mechanic and factor that into the cost of the vehicle to see if it fits your budget.

Don't let a vehicle with a six-figure meter reading scare you off. Using the tips set forth in this article, you could find yourself purchasing a high mileage used car that last you for plenty of KMs and even more great memories.

Start shopping now.