It's a smart decision to buy your next Used Car, Truck, Van or SUV in London ON from a trusted dealership. Here are the top 10 reasons why.

So you're in the market for a vehicle and you've decided that it makes the most sense financially for you to buy used. Now, of course, you need to decide on the specific vehicle (or vehicles) that you are interested and, just as importantly, whether you're going to purchase privately or from a dealership.

You've obviously still got a lot on your plate as far as decision-making is concerned, so we'd like to make you're life a little easier by helping you to make one of these key decisions: purchase your next used car, truck, van or SUV from a dealership! Here are the top 10 reasons why it's better to buy used.

10. More used cars to choose from

It may seem at first glance that to buy used instead of privately would offer the widest range of variety. But there are often a very limited number of quality pre-owned vehicles available privately within a reasonable geographic distance from where you're located.

A dealership, on the other hand, has carefully built up an entire inventory of quality pre-owned vehicles with options to meet any buyer's needs while ensuring a much higher level of quality.You're dream car may very well be Pre-owned, and it's exponentially more likely that you're going to find it at a dealership like Finch when you buy used.

9. More time to make such an important decision

Private sellers are very often highly motivated to sell their vehicle quickly to make space in their driveway and get the cash in their pocket. For this reason, if you ask a private seller if you can take a day or two to make this important financial decision, they are highly unlikely to acquiesce to your request. Sorry, Bucko! It's first come, first served!

Conversely, dealerships like ours will give you the ability to make the decision on a timeline that you're comfortable with. Even if you end up taking longer than anticipated to come to a final decision and the vehicle that you were interested in ends up being sold, dealerships will typically have comparable alternatives already waiting for you on the lot. Now that you've really had the time to figure out what you want, it'll be easier for you to pull the trigger with far greater peace-of-mind and buy used!

8. Dealerships simply offer higher quality cars

The overwhelming majority of used cars being sold privately are for sale for one of two reasons:

  1. 1. The vehicle is quite old and it's no longer worth it for the owner to pay for the upkeep based on the vehicle's value
  2. 2. The vehicle is newer but has already presented the owner with a number of issues and expenses that they weren't anticipating so soon.

Customers who trade-in their vehicles to dealerships, however, do so for a much broader number of reasons. Many of our Finch Used Cars are lease returns with low mileage and perfect maintenance histories. Many of our other used cars were traded in by customers who were offered aggressive trade-in bonuses to trade up without having to substantially increase their monthly payments. Again, these vehicles have been previously loved and are ready to be loved again!

Add in the fact that our used cars are inspected by our expert technicians to ensure that any critical issues are addressed before the vehicle hits the lot and you can rest assured that buying used from a dealership ensure you a higher quality pre-owned vehicle in the long run.

7. Keep your purchase from bleeding into your personal life

So we've already established that used cars from a private seller are generally of lower quality than those from a dealership. A large percentage of private car sales take place between two parties with a pre-existing relationship, be it acquaintances, friends or family. In this scenario, when the buyer starts experiences significant issues with the vehicle and the service bills start adding up, this can lead to serious disdain between the buyer and seller that can cause a real rift in what may have been a strong relationship.

With a far superior purchasing option at your disposal, there is no reason to potentially let your purchase have a negative effect on your personal life.

Interested in shopping London, Ontario's largest pre-owned inventory with over 300 used cars, trucks, vans & SUVs in-stock? Look no further than! We have Southwestern Ontario's largest and most diverse pre-owned inventory with all makes and models to ensure that we can meet the precise needs of every single customer. And every Finch Used Car comes with a 90 Day Exchange Privilege from London's most trusted name in the car business since 1989.

6. Dealership regulations ensure greater buyer protection

Private car sales are implicitly "As-Is". This means that the seller is under no obligation to guarantee the quality of the vehicle once it leaves their driveway, opening up with buyer to a potential world of hurt in the near future.

While dealerships - and Finch Used Cars specifically - do sell "As-Is" vehicles, that fact is clearly disclosed and reflected in the price of each vehicle. For any used car not being sold As-Is, you can be assured that the vehicle has been inspected by an expert technician and that any critical issues have been addressed.

5. More payment options

Private car sales are limited to cash transactions only. This means that if you don't have a substantial amount cash on hand to pay the seller up front, you'll ultimately be limited to taking on greater risk with an older, higher mileage vehicle with plenty of potential problems lurking just below the surface.

When you choose to purchase a used car from a dealership, you'll have much greater payment flexibility which will place a greater number of potential vehicles at your disposal. When you choose to purchase a Finch Used Car in London, we have flexible financing options available with competitive rates to help get you into the used car you've always wanted.

4. More flexibility on price

Private car sellers have only one car to sell and you'd better believe that they are hellbent on getting the best return for that vehicles. This means that they are likely to perform a Blackbook Value Search to determine a range of what their vehicle should be worth. Predictably, they will then price their vehicle at the very top of that range or even higher. Hey, it's worth a shot.

Conversely, dealerships benefit more from selling a higher volume of units at lower prices in order to boost revenue and keep turning over our pre-owned inventory. Plus, since we'd love to earn your business again some time in the future, we'll give you a great price now in order to help build that lifelong relationship.

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3. Two birds, one stone

Unless you're a first time car buyer, chances are that you have a current vehicle that you're looking to sell. So if you choose to buy privately, this means that you're actually doubling your efforts (at the very least) since you'll likely also being trying to sell your car privately at the same time.

Any of the Finch Used Car dealers will be happy to buy your trade-in and handle all of the details of that transaction along with your purchase. Even better, we have access to a revolutionary digital tool that will expose your trade to an online auction across Canada to ensure that you get top dollar for your current vehicle!

2. Gain support from product specialists

We know that by the time you step on to any one of our lots in London, you've already done your research and you have a good idea as to what you're looking for in a used vehicle. Our Sales & Leasing Representatives are automotive and customer service professionals who will help turn that vision into a reality.

By taking the time to really get to know you, your driving habits, preferences and needs, our team is here to help find you the perfect vehicle for you. And that may not always be the same as the vehicle you initially considered.

Of course, dealerships like ours will also give you the opportunity to test drive as many vehicles as you'd like as many times as you need to feel comfortable making a decision, putting you in an advantageous position when it comes to making the best possible decision.

1. The complete peace-of-mind that comes with the Finch Used Car Guarantee

Above we have outlined nine important reasons why purchasing a used car from a dealer is far better than buying privately. Ultimately, these reasons all combine to provide Finch Used Cars customers with one irreplaceable asset: total peace-of-mind!

When you purchase a used car, truck, van or SUV from ay of the Finch dealerships in London, you drive off with the peace-of-mind that comes from dealing with London's most trusted name in the car business. We provide Londoners with a massive pre-owned inventory to choose from and offer no-pressure sales assistance so that you can take all the time you need to make your decision. At the end of the day, you will be supported every step of the way by a product expert who ensures that you choose the right vehicle to fit your needs at a price-point that fits your budget.

So we just have one question to ask you. If you're from the London area and currently in the market for a vehicle, why wouldn't you choose to buy used and See Finch First with Finch Used Cars?

Start shopping now.